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The 8 Week Life Transformation Plan

The 6 Week Body Blitz is for those who need to see drastic results in the shortest amount of time. This plan is perfect for soon-to-be brides, last minute vacation planners or for those who like to wait until the last minute to look good. You know who you are! The focus of the 6 Week Body Blitz is Intense Exercise. Your trainer will "Blitz" your body to look its best in 6 short weeks! Here's how it works:


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Here's how Your amazing 6 Week Body Blitz works:

-You'll meet with your Nutritionist/Personal Trainer for your first meeting where they'll go over all the key elements of our "Metabolic Conditioning" plan. The goal is to speed up your metabolism so your body will be a 24/7 fat burning machine. They'll then hand over the reigns and all the information given to you to your Personal Trainer who will hold you accountable!

-Your personal trainer will meet with you 3 times per week to give you some exhilirating, heart pumping workouts all designed to develop muscle, tone your body and burn as much fat as possible.

-6 weeks from the day you start, you'll look and feel like a new person! You'll have Much More Energy, a Lot Less Fat, More Toned Muscle and you'll Feel Much Better About Yourself and Your Body!

Our suggestions for who this plan is best for:

  • Motivation- For those who are highly motivated to get results in the quickest way possible and aren't concerned about long term results
  • Body type- Slender, Average, Slightly Overweight, Overweight
  • Age- 16 and over
  • Desires- For those who need a major jump start to weight loss for a specific event, function, etc. Great for brides/bridal parties, graduations, proms, vacations, reunions, etc.
  • Finances- For those who are looking for a very quick, cost effective fix

Are you Ready to Get Blitzed?

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The 6 Week Body Blitz
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